Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Poligny, Jura, Franch-Comte, France

This is my town, selected at random by some people working at the French Embassy at Washington, DC. There was very little I could do to control where I was placed. I had fantasies of living in a small quaint town -- countryside would be a plus and I was hoping to not live in a very sprawling or industrial area.
I guess I've been good, because luck has rewarded me enormously. Here it is, little Poligny.

This is one of the two main streets. The eastern part of town is the oldest -- it runs right up to those hills you see in the background. The south end is similar, but with more shops, larger single-family homes, slightly newer development. There is another cliff on this end, as well as some farms directly outside of city limits.

The above picture is on the street that is just east of my building, looking south at the cliffs. You'll notice that there are mostly townhomes in the center of town. While they are packed together tightly and butt right up against the street, most buildings have lovely gardens and terraces in the back.

For example, this picture below is looking out my window to the south, where you can see the back gardens of some apartment buildings. The fronts look exactly the same, and just as cramped as every other home. Sneaks.

This is downtown Poligny, where the party never ends!

Actually, it ends at 6 or 7 on weeknights, and all of Sunday and Monday.

Moving north, there is a small old residential area of tiny twisted streets and little old women who lean out their windows to talk to each other.

Keep walking for about five minutes, then it's rural again. The picture below is from a path directly north of town. There's a ridge the runs north to south, next to town, and it's extremely easy to access. Of course, this affords beautiful views of town, such as:

My god, this is slow work. You all should just come visit me, because it's a pain in the ass posting pictures on blogger. I need to take a break and make some coffee.


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