Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Hous down in Houville

This is the Houville Family: Bernard and Pauline in back, the twins, Joaquin and Pascal in front. I couldn't tell you which one is which -- I'm just starting to learn how to identify them. They talk the same way, too. I wish they'd stop doing that.

They took me for a picnic and a drive around the lake region. This area is just south/south-east of here, maybe a 45 minute drive.

I walked over to their house on Tuesday. They live in a tiny village called Menetru-le-Vignoble. I had estimated it would take an hour and a half. It took two and a half hours. This was no problem, of course, since I was able to download the latest episode of This American Life (thanks, Bri!) and the weather was perfect. There wasn't any "traffic" (e.g. less than 5 cars passing in an hour) because of All Saint's Day, whatever that is.

Once I arrived, Pauline quickly revived my wilting petals with coffee and cheese fondue. It was a good thing I walked there, as I ate so much I was immobile for 48 hours afterwards.



At 11:28 PM, Anonymous jim said...

actually, the best way to tell the two houville boys apart would be to check to see on which side their scarring is, from when they were separated.

any more houvilles that you forgot to mention?


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