Monday, January 09, 2006

Now more first-world than ever!

Apparently The Jura was tired of crappy, foggy weather, too, because we seemed to have skipped past the last three months of winter and started on Spring. The last two days have been beautiful and warm. I took a three hour walk yesterday wearing only a sweatshirt.

Well, pants and all that other stuff, too. But just a sweatshirt and no coat! Or scarf!

This morning, we even had a pretty sunrise, just like the good old days of two months ago.

While I'm sorry for those indigenous people in northern Canada, who are losing their native homes because of global warming and all that, this weather is pretty nice! I say, Damn the Kyoto, full steam ahead!

I don't have much to share because I haven't been doing much. Period. This is like, the fantasy life I've been wanting for the last three years when I was working full-time and going to classes most evenings. But now that I have it....yo, there is NOT MUCH TO DO. Last night, I replaced my iTunes folder with the music from my iPod. Why? Because I felt like making my life complicated AND I can make CDs for people of the new music I've gotten from other people's computers! Today I'm going to package up everyone's overdue christmas gifts and knit and...uh, I guess go buy some more blank CDs....and, yeah, that's it. I'd really like to take some day trips, but everything is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Don't hate me because I live an idle life. Yes, I do appreciate it. I would give anything for a decent movie theater or a yoga studio, though.


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