Thursday, January 12, 2006

Moroccas, too? Damn.

I keep forgetting to take my camera outside with me, so I haven't taken many pictures. There's one small series I've been doing, but I should keep working on it until next week - before that it will be even less than the marginally-interesting status that I hope to achieve.

Therefore, behold! Pictures my brother sent me from San Francisco!

Hey people familiar with the bay area in the summer: you know how it's all cold and foggy, and it's like, 'what kind of summer weather is this?' Make it colder. Replace 'summer' with 'winter.' Now you know what it's like to live here right now.

After my classes finished today, Bernard took me home with him for lunch. Guess what I found out -- the fog is only for my elevation. While I haven't been able to see the houses across the street for three days, it's sunny and clear just 200 meters up, on the plateau. What a nasty trick.
I ended up spending the whole day with Bernard and Pauline. It wasn't planned; I think they're just getting used to having me around. We had lunch, then drove over to see some property in a nearby town that they're considering buying. Before going back home, we stopped at Geiant. What kind of store is Geiant? GIANT! (Ha!). No, seriously. It's like a super target. But bigger! Really! They have a dry cleaners in the front! I know I've only been here for three (and-a-half) months, but one becomes accustomed to the scale and norms of a country rather quickly. I nearly had a gripper when I walked into a florescent-lit cavern big enough to have its own gravitational pull.* Electronics, a cafeteria, twenty gajillion cash registers, clothes pulled off the hanger, sales bins, more cereal than I remembered is possible, excessiveness! Wooooooooo!
I bought dish towels, pink. Only 2.50 euro. I'm rather proud of my purchase, especially because they will match My Little Kitchenaid.

I did a google image search for "octopus playing drums" and got this picture:

Not exacly what I was looking for, but a satisfying result nonetheless. Maybe I can get an honorable mention in this year's awards?

One final note: thanks for the letter, Tim!
(See what happens when you send me real letters that I can get in the mailbox? Public appreciation!)
(Since I don't want to appear ungrateful, I'll also thank my mom and dad, Brian, Jim, Katie, Mike, great-aunt and -uncle, my grandma Lori, and Rachael, who have all sent me things. i feel kind of like a jerk. I still do like to get things in the mail, though.)

*Quick quiz, pizznuff players! What other mythical large entity also has it's own gravitational pull? You might need to check the book for that one...
And, uh, don't leave the answer in my comments, please.


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