Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm having trouble with my connection to Blogger today. Can't upload any pictures; it was hard enough just getting this new post page to open.

This is a good feeling: you sleep in, slowly eat some breakfast, wash the floor and do cleaning that you've been dying to do for weeks, take a shower, then put on a fresh pair of sweatpants. That feels SO good. I just know I'm not going anywhere today and am perfectly prepared for a day of finishing up projects, putting together packages (Happy Birthday, Rachael!), knitting, and making butternut squash soup for dinner.

Yesterday was rather busy. I went to Lons (a 20 minute train ride away) to buy some buttons and walk around their nice garden. When I got home, I had just enough time to do some decorating (i.e. hang the paper tablecloth on my wall, in order to suggest wallpaper), then I got picked up by Bernard. He took me over to Menetru. I took a walk with Pascal and Joaquin along an old Roman road. They made me speak French most of the time, in preparation for dinner that night with family friends. I had met these people before, but it was during my first week here and couldn't understand a word out of them. Last evening was really quite lovely and I followed nearly the whole conversation -- except for when they were talking about buying a new car. I never learned the word for "suspension system" in class.

I, bravely and with many errors, contributed my part to the conversation as well. I had to explain 1) what I did before I came to France (easy), 2) What I find strangest about French food (not too bad), and 3) the story of the first Thanksgiving (torture). While I had mentioned to Bernard that my speaking skills are really rough, due to lack of conversation opportunities, he had kind of dismissed it. Last night, he seemed to fully understand my in, he seemed somewhat alarmed.
I'm actually feeling more at peace with things. On Thursday night, I didn't understand how it could be possible to ever speak French comfortably. Now, I realize that it will be quite easy to strike a deal with a few of my students and some teachers -- they help me with my French conversation, I help them in English. Hopefully, once it becomes known that I'm looking for help and practice, people will be more willing to talk with me.

Wow, this is the most boring post I've yet written. Hopefully soon I'll be able to throw in some pictures to spice it up.


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