Tuesday, November 15, 2005

old obsession, new place

I started knitting a pair of socks when I was waiting at the Gare de Lyon in Paris, waiting for my train to Poligny. They were finished in about two weeks, but today was the first day I wore them, since I hate weaving the ends of the yarn and it took me a good 5 weeks to do so.

Here they are, all pink and stripey.

Unfortunately, they stayed up like that for all of 30 seconds. Or until I began walking. Fortunately, they look very cute scrunched down, also. I wore them with that black skirt and black heels, and apparently was the first person in the town ever to do so. People stopped their conversation to stare at my socks as they walked by. I need to teach these Frenchies a thing or two about fashion, dammit.

Here's two more pictures of my room. That red jacket is a very cute little coat from the store acote in Montpellier. I was drooling over every single thing there, and I really lucked out finding this -- it was heavily discounted since it was from an old collection. Thirty bucks! That's how much a pair of socks cost there. It's a cute boxy shape -- somewhat Japanese in the cut and drape... Oh, you don't want to hear more? Fine then.

These two pictures are right at the entrance. The door is to the left of the coat; the window to the right of the radiator and [broken] chair.

I took photos of the rest of my room, but they came out too fuzzy. I guess I'll try again tomorrow when there's more light in here. I've also knit another pair of socks, finished a sweater that I brought with me, and am currently finishing the sleeve of another silly little sweater. I have to do SOMETHING when I'm watching tv.


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