Monday, November 07, 2005


Ok... every time I sit down to write one of these things, I am amazed. I have taken SO many pictures since I've been here and seen so many places. Most of the new places are small villages that I have walked to, but I have made a strong effort to document nearly every new trip. Some of these photos -- a lot of them -- are from several weeks ago. I almost feel like I'm cheating you, but posting such old stuff, but I know you love it anyway. So, I'll continue to throw out my scraps, and you'll continue to gobble them up, won't you? I said, WON'T YOU?

Good. That's what I like to hear.

This is Chamole! It's a village, obviously, perched up on top of the ridge to the east of town. Ok, from now on, you can assume all places are villages, unless I designate otherwise. By village, I mean less than 500 people. Way less.

I went through Chamole just last weekend and I was sad to see that it's not as stunningly beautiful since a lot of the dahlias have been cut back. The whole countryside has changed so much in six weeks -- of course, the end of September through the beginning of November is a rather integral time of change. It's been such a pleasure to watch the unceasing, gradual transformation; I can only wonder how tied to a place a person would feel to witness the subtle variations of change every year*. People who live in the middle of a forest, on a mountain, next to water. When I first came to France, I finished the book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard, which is a great account of a person constantly being reacquainted to the complexity of the surrounding world. I think of it when I notice something new, like thousands of mice holes on the side of a hill which I walk by several times a week. It's a good book and I recommend it.

(*Granted, serious environmental issues - namely, pollution and global warming would provide a somewhat nail-biting experience of watching the earth's natural cycles spin further out of balance, year after year. But I'm not the person to pontificate on this...listen to Living on Earth instead.)


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