Thursday, November 10, 2005


It was slug season in October.
Well, maybe not slug season, per se, but there were a lot of slugs out last month, and now I haven't seen any. They're big. Really big. This coin is about the size of a nickle.

Doesn't look too big, huh. Well, the next picture shows it next to my index finger, for better scale.

Isn't that crazy? I actually had to watch the road for slugs -- just think about the sensation of stepping on one of these things. The distance between the point of contact and squishing the round little rubbery body completely into the group; and the fact that you'd know the whole time what you were stepping on, but were powerless to stop yourself. The squashing, the smearing. I don't think that I'd like it.

Speaking of things I don't like, I found out why my prune yogurt smelled like fish. Because the other girl staying in the suite put a bottle of fish soup on the top shelf, which dripped all over my yogurt. Gross.

Here is a cute picture to cleanse your palate:


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