Tuesday, November 08, 2005

me vs. the hunters (HINT: I WON)

I took a walk -

Hmm. I feel like I already have, and will continue to begin posts this way. From now on, the phrase "I took a walk" will be replaced with ITAW.

Anyway, ITAW (did you catch that?) up to the plateau, oh, maybe three weeks ago. The elevation is just different enough to have different trees with brighter fall foliage. Here's some pictures.

It was, is, hunting season: deer and wild boar. I had forgotten that, as I planned my path through the Foret de Poligny. Luckily, I wore a bright orange t-shirt, thereby foiling any hunters who were looking for a good excuse to "accidentally" shoot an (young, female, american, vegetarian) intruder.

That means "Huntin' Time!" Darn tootin'.


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