Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Part Two: Sete

Before the trip, somebody said to me, "You really should go to Sete. It's a small fishing town on the coast. It is very traditional and really beautiful." Whoever told me that is a big jerk and a liar.

Perhaps it's a lovely little tourist town in the summer. In the off-season, it is a little, over-developed tourist town that's dingy. Granted, the weather wasn't great, but gray skies didn't make the streets disgusting, ok? Gray skies didn't make that guy in the park ride around on his motorbike, shooting caps into the air, just to frighten people by the noise. OK??

We spent most of our time there on the beach. It was at least an hour's walk there, but I'm not really one to complain about long walks. Since it was October and cold, the beach was completely empty. Since I don't want to bitch bitch bitch about the place, I'll ignore the fact that the beach was really unclean, with a lot of construction going on, and instead focus on these big rocks we got to stand on!

Would you just take a look at those rocks! Those are some rocks.

Plus, I can't ignore the water.

Well played, water. Well played, indeed.

Most of the day was a real disappointment, everything down to the 2-hour wait for the train, since we had misread the schedule (a notable theme of the week). The highlight was definitely spending a few hours by the beach, as there were more shells there than just about any other beach I've been to. I took some really nice pictures. Well, my macro lens took some really nice pictures -- I really can't take any credit. I'll post those later, though, because I've really got to get off my ass this morning.

In conclusion, if you ever visit Montpellier, don't go to Sete. There's a prettier beach at Carnon and much more interesting towns within an hour by train -- Avignon, to name one. A week after the trip, I heard on the news that a church had been burned down there during the riots, so I guess the experience could have been worse.

Later: artsy pictures


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