Friday, November 18, 2005

Part Three: Carnon

On our last full day in Montpellier, we went to the beach again. Keeping in fashion with the rest of the holiday (which began by us waiting for the train, when we should have been taking a bus, thus delaying our arrival into the city by 5 hours), we had just missed the bus out to the water. An hour later, we got on and bought our ticket to Carnon. Somewhere in Carnon -- I assumed that the woman driving the bus would stop at the right time.

Well, I assumed wrong. She only stopped when people stood up and made motions that they wanted off. Luckily, we only got as far as the next town and got off the bus right at the end of the large public beach.

It took us about an hour and a half to walk to the next town, but it was along the water, the weather was nice, AND we got to watch a bunch of people kite surfing.

See that little floating frown? And see that little dot in the middle of the water. There you have it.

Not only is it pretty, it's pretty EXTREME, too. These people just have huge kites hooked up to harnesses on their bodies, then they strap their feet into a board the size of a snowboard. On windy days, like that day, they can be pulled along the water pretty damn fast. When they hit waves, too, they fly really, really high into the air. Some dude was doing flips.

I told Catherine that all I really wanted to see that day was a guy sail 10 feet off the water, then have a shark jump out and swallow him midair.

That never happened, though. Why does god continue to ignore me?

Ok, imagine this scenario: we walk walk walk along the beach. Finally, we get to the edge of Carnon. I figure out where the big road is. We spot the bus stop.
Do you think we caught a bus?
Nope! Actually, one rumbled by us just as we started to walk towards the stop. We had to wait two more hours before the next one. We still had a nice day, though.

Tomorrow: One last story about our trip. This one last involves transportation mishaps.


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