Friday, January 13, 2006

You know that I have a soft spot in my heart for radio. Really, by 'soft spot' I mean 'gaping open cavern.' I love public radio. To the max.
This whole evening, I've been listening to Sound Portraits pieces online. Have you been lacking depression in your life? If so, head on over there, so listen to stories about lobotomies, the ghetto, or the death penalty! It'll cure what ails ya!

From the MY LIFE files:
Have been markedly boring. I've been playing the same game with ALL of my classes for the last two weeks. Have been working out to the TaeBo video that I got over christmas (one must do what one must do, n'est ce pas?). Have been eating butternut squash soup. Thought about need to tweeze eyebrows.

From the TOMORROW files:
Going to Dijon. Expect similar pictures from last time, but shittier light. Why am I going?
1. Get the hell out of Dodge.
2. See Catherine.
3. Soldes, obvs... what - you don't speak french? Well, let me explain. It's the bi-annual national sale in France. This is not required by law, but nearly every store has sales. Good sales, too - like shoes which are 50% off. Frankly, I'm saving the little money I have for a to-die-for pair of shoes in Paris, which I will hopefully pick up later this month. It's always nice to accompany a friend who needs to be talked out of Cute Pair o Shoes #349. All in a days' work.


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