Friday, January 20, 2006

Hobby #1:
Every morning, I take a picture of the sky outside of my window. Before I came here, I had seen only a handful of sunrises -- limited to super-early morning trips to the airport and during my student teaching, when I was travelling across the city at 6AM. Since Poligny is nestled next to a ridge that's 200 meters higher, the sun rise is a bit later for us -- and my window faces directly east, so I get a good view. Most mornings, I wake up to pink clouds streaked over the trees. Well, most mornings before these last two weeks. Even today, the sky seemed clear but in the last 20 minutes (as I was loading these pictures) the fog rolled in over the town. The most bizarre thing is that I can see the outline of the sun through the haze -- I'm sure if I went to the first town up the ridge, Plasne, that it would be a perfectly clear day.

Hobby #2:
Octopus playing drums. He's really getting better! I drew this one yesterday during class, while the two other kids in the room worked on a writing activity. The boy who was there wrote the french word, Pieuvre, underneath.


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