Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rules were made to be frozen!

A snow day!

So, I guess it snowed in Chicago? My parents sent me these great pictures from their yard.

Look at all of those big trees! It was mighty nice having such a big yard growing up.
No snow here, though. It was a very bright, pretty day. It started out very foggy, though, and I found out that there's a cover of snow about 5 miles south, a bit farther up the plateau.

I've borrowed some movies from the Houvilles. When I perused their selection (of completely legally copied movies. Really.), I picked out all of those with french titles. It turns out, they're mostly all American films. Well, technically all, since "A Very Long Engagement" was produced by an American company, the french considered as such and wouldn't consider it for any national film awards, despite the fact that the entire cast and crew were French. And it was made in France. About French people. Anyway.
Last night, I watched "Pere et Fille." Any guesses?
Okay, it was "Jersey Girl." Not very good, but at least it didn't make me want to swallow my tounge like "L'amour sans preavis" did.

Woah! Wow, this is really strange. Before looking up that last film, I thought about the song "Taking Care of Business" and was planning to add as a parting thought, "They really should start using that song Taking Care of Business in movies again. It's a shame it has become outmoded."
Then! I looked up that last movie to check the spelling of the french title. I was intrigued by the user review titled "Very good movie - contrary to other OPINIONS" and read (emphasis mine):

Some of my favorite scenes include the one where Sandra Bullock has eaten too much and has to go to the bathroom while they are stuck on a bridge in New York City. Adding the music "Taking Care Of Business" was really a stroke of genius. The "Bobcat Pretzel" scene was equally funny. The interjection of the appropriate music adds much to the results.

The people have spoken.

Maybe you think "Well, you just remember that they used that song in the movie!" Uh, that's definitely not the case. In fact, I really only half paid attention to the film, since I was also busy writing a letter to Tim about how horrible it was.

I think that I'm clearly on to something. In fact, I think I've got some business to take care of.

(Cue music: Taking Care of Business)


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At 12:01 AM, Anonymous Tim said...

If you ask me, there are already plenty of instances of "Taking Care of Business" in the movies. What we need more of, however, are fun makeover/dress-up montages, possibly to the tune of "Make Me Over" by Hole or Madonna's "Dress You Up." The best part is always when the apparel gets a little too kooky, like when Brittany Murphy wears something that... black people would wear! Always a hoot.

You know, if the person receiving the makeover is trying to fit in in some sort of business atmosphere, you know, trying to pull a "Working Girl" or a "Legally Blonde" -- well then, I think "Taking Care of Business" would work well.

If you could find a way to work in "September," by Earth, Wind, & Fire... you'd have a hit. But only if you can get Queen Latifah. She's so sassy.


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