Sunday, February 26, 2006

Barcelona, part 2

In my dorm, the network connection has the tendency to be rather spotty. I suspect that it's mostly due to a bunch of 18 year-old boys downloading Slipknot off of Limewire, which tends to gobble the available bandwidth. Most of the people go home on the weekends (except my upstairs neighbors who apparently get their kicks by dropping marbles all day. hi guys!) the internet connection is faster.
Why I am telling you this? Well, since I could quickly and sucessfully load photos into blogger, I took the opportunity to put all of my pictures into draft entries. I had to divide it up into seven different pages -- the same amount of time I was actually in Barcelona. It's like a little vacation for you, too!

It's very strange outside today. The fog came in overnight, but only settled on the cliffs next to town. Everything seems clear and unusually bright in town, with a solid white space in the distance, as if someone simply erased everything around us. The church bells are ringing right now. In addition to chiming the time, the bells ring for a whole minute at 10 o'clock and noon on sunday mornings. It's the most beautiful sound.

Back to Barcelona, these photos are from the fancy city park. As we were leaving, a French family stopped us as asked us, in French, where the zoo was. We had just passed the entrance, so I could give her directions..... in French! I don't know why I'm still so excited about this!

Orange trees!

Signs were posted everywhere for people to not play soccer. Nine times out of ten, they were completely ignored. Next to this lawn, we watched some boys play soccer with an orange that fell from the tree.

The arc de triomf:

For lunch, Catherine and I climbed up this funny hill on the west side of town. It's rather big, with an entirely leveled-off top. We were told it was tricky to find one's way up to the top, and it sure was. There was no marked footpath or signs or anything. We just had to pick a road and see where it took us. Afterward, we realized that there were a bunch of old Olympic stadia up there, a museum, and the Miro foundation -- none of which we saw.

Like any of that mattered, though, because we found this swing which we used for about half an hour.

Just like that, over and over.


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