Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Of plastic birds and epic wars.

I was feeling sick at the end of last week, through the weekend. It seemed like a cold, but only up in my head. Or else some small michevious elf came and packed cement into my sinuses. The little sprite!
Yesterday, I started to get serious upper-palate sensitivity. What does it feel like? Well, with every step, it feels sort of like my upper teeth are going to fall out. Maybe it wasn't a cold and was a sinus infection. It's getting better anyway.

I can't say that I'm the fastest knitter, but I can crank stuff when I'm particularly inspired. In, like, October I picked up some really cute light olive green yarn, without too much idea of what to do with it. Last wednesday, the fully-actualized image of a garment came to me, so I did the math and started knitting on Thursday night.

I included the light blue trim on the bottom, remembering a great combination that Kate would wear of a similar light-blue/olive-green. She is, after all, the master of color-combining.
In about three days of knitting, it's more than halfway done. It's like I'm not even trying.

These were bought in Paris. They'd be mostly useless as clothespins, but the fact that they look like birds totally redeem and justify their (now totally useful!) existence!!

I'm particularly digging on this color combination. It looks very "Tim" to me. Hmm, Tim could also be a threat to Katie's throne in the kingdom of Color-Combinsville. I propose they arrange a battle.

(the colors aren't quite right. it's very compelling in real life...well, as compelling as four plasic bird clips can be.)

It should be a fight to the death, obviously. Just to keep it interesting.

I'm watching a program about an albino crocodile right now. Thanks, France.


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