Tuesday, February 07, 2006

All work and no play

Catherine and I went out for a walk on Sunday. It was such a pretty day...unlike yesterday and today. Where we went has been officially dubbed the "favorite walk." I'm sorry to all whom have visited and haven't been taken on it. You went, though, Bri -- it was all just covered with two feet of fresh snow.

I'm contemplating living on a farm, just so I can own a couple of donkeys. Simply for the cute factor.

Last night, I went to do some 'extra conversation practice' with a few students. Another girl who lives in the dorm had me and three other kids over. These students are unbelieveably clean - every apartment i've been in is uncluttered and freshly-scrubbed. Also, they have an 'entertaining' chip in their brain which wasn't implanted in any of ours. Just for five people to sit and practice conversation, they brought out two boxes of cookies, a bottle of juice and coke, and a bottle of champagne.
I had a really nice time with them...despite the fact that one boy only kept talking about how Americans all love George Bush, eat McDonald's every day, and spend their free time watching sports on TV and eating ice cream. I was like, "Okay, not all..."

I'm off to take a little walk, even though it's gross and crappy and cold out. I haven't left the building since sunday (because where would I go?), and I'm feeling a little "makes Jack a dull boy" right now.


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