Saturday, February 25, 2006

Spanish boots of Spanish leather

It's hard to form a cohesive narrative of this trip. We didn't plan out days beforehand, so every morning, we would pick a place to see or something to do. There was a lot of time spent having picnics, sitting on the beach, having coffees in cafes, walking around the city. In fact, I only went to one museum and inside no other 'local attraction' buildings, but I almost feel like I got to know Barcelona better than most other towns I've visited for a week.
Like I said, I completely fell into googly-eyed love for Barcelona. It's a magical, colorful, sunny little world. I can only imagine what it must be like in the summer... probably choked with tourists, the beaches packed... but probably even more lively and beautiful.

These photos were taken on the first and second day of the trip:

Waiting at the airport...

Our first evening in the city...
This is the big gothic cathedral. The picture shows the only part of it that wasn't covered in scaffolding.

Catherine, the constant traveling companion.

And, introducing my two new friends, Nicole and Sylvia. They're also English Assistants in Montbeliard. They both speak french really well and live in an adorable house in their town. Despite all of this, I still loved spending the week with them. Oh, and Sylvia is from Hyde Park.

A Picasso mural in the public square in front of the cathedral:

The next morning, Catherine and I walked down to the beach and around Barceloneta, the small neighborhood next to the water.

My new prawn friend. (Avert your eyes, Jim!)

At the port, then the beach.

Barceloneta, like a lot of the city, is mostly tiny streets, with balconies covered in drying laundry overhead.


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