Wednesday, March 01, 2006

barcelona 4 - the beach

The last few days have been quite pleasant. Last night, I went to a student's house for a crepe party. Today, Catherine had a free day and didn't want to spend it alone in her room, stranded in her bleak industrial town. So she came down here, napped this morning while I was in class; we made lunch and watched Ali G in the afternoon; during my last class she took a walk up the cliffs. It's been snowing off and on the last two days -- when it's not snowing, the sky is clear and blue, when it is snowing, thick bright clouds roll in and dust merry little flakes everywhere.
Tonight I'm going to meet some students for a drink. I'm not sure who SMSed me - he identified himself as Gregi Frog. Of course, I only know, like, four of my student's names, so it's always a little surprise.

To all of those who wore scarves today, I apologize. This is what I got to enjoy for a week in Spain:


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