Sunday, February 26, 2006

done got knit

On my vacation, I met two girls that Sylvia knew from college, who were studying in Barcelona for two months. One of them, a really dynamic storyteller, told us about how she had lived in the South and heard the phrase, "Get 'er done" used as a sign of approval. Anybody else who is from the South or has lived there: can I get an confirmation on this? I'm not sure where she stayed, so I know that's a big difference... but...

I finished up that sweater before the trip. The last buttonholes were sewn and the ends were woven in on the train up to Montbeliard. When I got there, I realized that I had forgotten the buttons, so I couldn't wear it on the trip.

Well, it's all fixed up now. I'm pretty happy with the final product.

There's pros and cons, of course. On the good side, the whole thing was inexpensive to make, quick and fun to knit, the fabric has a nice drape and a soft sheen, I got to use turtle buttons, the colors are great, and it really turned out how I had planned. I think the fit's pretty good -- it's not unflattering, anyway.
Cons: I wish I had made the raglan seam a bit longer (it's not tight under the arm, but it would have been better with another half inch), one of the sleeves is smaller with a crappy-looking band, the button part gaps a bit. I'm not sure if I just have to grin and bear that, or if moving the buttons in a bit will help.

For all of it's imperfections, it turned out well, consider I didn't work with any pattern. Of course, I never work with a pattern, so this is all part of the learning curve. The finishing work (sewing together and whatnot) on this is perhaps the best I've done. I think I'll probably wear this a fair amount, especially when I'm working in a more formal setting again, as it's a more "officey" sweater.

Recently, I promised myself that I would only knit for myself this year. I am a fool for even thinking that. Right now, I'm working on a couple pair of socks, an afghan, and (anticipating) a lace wrap -- all for other people. For myself, I had an idea of a really simple sweater embellished with a flower, like I saw in the January issue of the french Vogue, then I'd like to make myself a little top for Karlin and Well's wedding. I've got seven whole months, too! Get 'er done!

THIS WASN'T INTERESTING FOR ANYBODY, WAS IT? Well, I had to get it out of my system anyway. Now we can both go on with our lives.


At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Tim said...

Kelly: Yes, "get 'er done" is commonly used in the South. And everyone I've ever heard use it drops into this low, gravelly, super-Texan voice to say it. I look forward to demonstrating this for you in person.

Also, it seems that in the South, you don't put things "away," you put them "up." And you don't "get" good grades, you "make" good grades.


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