Friday, March 03, 2006

Barcelona, part something: Stiges

Yeah, here's more pictures. I keep putting them up in hopes that it provides a bit of a break from reality for you, as you read this. Not like my life is so unspeakably fabulous -- I just know that, as you sit at your desk at work, it's pleasant to escape for a moment.
Or, if you're sitting in your oven-less kitchen, watching the rain and wind whip by out the window, completely destroying all plans to take a walk this afternoon. This merits escape to Spain as well.

Here, we went to Stiges. That's pronounced "See-Chase" NOT "Steezh," which is the French pronunciation. If you pronounce it the French, way, I can promise you that nobody will understand you. Certainly not the guy selling tickets at the train station.
Here we go! On the train out to SEE-CHASE:

The best thing about going to a tourist town in February is that you all of the charm and none of the tourists:

And another picnic by the water:

A walk through uncharted territory:

So...we decided to walk up these hills on the edge of town. It was fun, sort of, but I had all sorts of scratches on my legs, since I was wearing a skirt. And Catherine fell on a cactus. That one's still healing.

Doesn't it look like I'm wearing an ill-fitting wig?

God, gross. What's up with that color, too? The best part, though, is how, even from this far away, you can see my dark roots. I STILL haven't re-colored it, but I did force a pair of scissors into Catherine's hands and made her cut my hair after I saw all of the pictures from the trip. For the record, I'm trying to grow my hair out into an Old-Hollywood-style bob. I tried last summer, too, but I didn't have the patience to get through the gross-hair phase of growing it out.

Oh, and then we saw this:


At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Tim said...

Hey -- I haven't gotten the package yet! Serves you right for lacing it with ricin.


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