Friday, March 10, 2006

haute lunchlady

I worked in the kitchen this morning! My BTS kids cook the lunch service on Thursdays and Fridays, so they invited me to join them today. I was kind of nervous when I first got in - that nightmare like feeling of everyone bustling around you, knowing what to do, but you standing there totally helpless. Also, I was wearing a uniform two sizes to small. That was a bit of a nightmare, as well -- especially the pants.

This is Mathilde - the girl who loaned me a kitchen uniform. Honestly, I'm really flattered that she was picked as being the same size as me, because if you saw her in person, you'd notice that she's very thin. Well, two sizes smaller than me, anyway.

She saw me looking lost and asked me if I wanted to help her make the desserts. I actually did get to do work with them. I've mentioned to some of them before that I really enjoy cooking and baking, but I think that they were surprised that I could actually do it. We made a charlotte, with a biscuit base. Mathilde was explaining the process of making the cake and I said, "Oh, it's like a genoise?" She said, "Well yes! Exactly!" and then let me assemble the whole thing myself.
Of course, her technical skills FAR surpass mine, evidenced by how she threw together this unbelieveably delicious raspberry mousse at the same time as making caramel-dipped cherries.

Making the charlotte:

Watching all of this action makes me want to go home and enroll in cooking school. The time passes so quickly - everybody is busy with a 100 small tasks to do. It was really, really fun to be able to be one of these people working in the kitchen. Hopefully next time I'll graduate from the hairnet to a real paper hat.


At 11:50 PM, Anonymous Dad said...

That hair net is SO you!


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