Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Over the past year, I've tried to make myself a knit lace wrap. For some reason, things never worked out and every time I tried, I ended up with some unexplainable error, feeling very frustrated.
I thought it would be a good idea to try a different, perhaps easier, pattern for practice. There was some yarn on hand and Catherine's birthday coming up, so it seemed like a good time to have another try at it. I knew that even if I made mistakes, she wouldn't notice or mind.

Well, I was like a junkie knitting this. I did it all in less than a week, using every last inch of yarn.

Here is it, freshly finished, looking shriveled and wholly unimpressive.

A hearty streching and blocking followed.

And, finally, the finished product. Look how much it grew!

No, seriously. Look at that first picture to see how it began. Isn't that amazing that it got SO much bigger?

The process of wetting and stretching the lace, called blocking, completely opens up the whole pattern. It was transformed from nothing to gorgeous. The beauty is entirely in the pattern - it was dead easy to knit and required very little skill on my part. That's partly what makes it so satisfying - I put in so little effort and got such a big reward.

Now, honestly, I can't stop looking at it. I can't wait to give it to her, either.

I'm definitely going to make more of these.

thanks again, mom and dad, for sending me the pattern.


At 6:13 AM, Anonymous jim said...

i love it!

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