Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oh goody! Today is the open house for the dairy school in town, and they're using the extra room in my suite as the example for student housing. I had forgotten that special rush you get when a total stranger barges into your room. Or that little thrill you feel when you are taking a shower and you hear people repeatedly and forcefully trying to open the door. Or! when you're out of the shower, hearing swarms of people just on the other side of that door, not knowing how long they'll be there, and remembering that you forgot to lock your door when you were in the shower! Silly you! How could you forget the deep french desire to force one's way into any closed-off space.

[Note to all who read this: when you go to france and you use a public bathroom, be sure to lock the door. There is no knocking here. I should clarify -- make sure the door is locked well. People often aren't satisfied with the first try at the door. They'll give it a few good, hard shoves just to make sure. Trust me on this one, as, once again, I've learned the hard way.]

Ahhhh, there's nothing like walking through a crowd of 50 strangers wearing only a towel to really start your day.


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