Friday, March 17, 2006

recent acquisitions

I got these two things in Spain:
Everybody says that espadrilles are comfortable and it's true. They're noticeably comfortable. There's a whole spiel about how they were made by some old-fashioned espadrille maker in Spain -- I'm a total sucker for that sort of thing, of course. Also, I think they'll look especially cute with black tights.

The purse was on sale from winter stock - it's nearly out of season, but I'm pretty stoked that I'll have it for next year. One of the best things in buying it was talking to the boutique owner, a transplant from London, about the genie/diaper pants that are popular here in Europe.

I found this Lyon:
We walked past an antique store, where I spied this port set on a table inside. I immediately fell in love, so we made it a point to return. The shop owner lowered the price (a total steal) and said that it was from 1952-58. It will be quite a task getting it home - the large bottle is especially fragile. There's a whole set of glasses, too. I guess I have to start drinking port.

Like cute little soldiers, all lined up.

Okay, while I'm on the consumerist train, are you wondering what to get me for my birthday? I know it's in 6 months, but if you ask me this question at an appropriate time, I'll probably give you a very unhelpful answer.
So! While I have some ideas...
1. A lomo camera
2. This sweatshirt
3. A cute little print like this (sold out, unfortch) or this
4. An interesting book. (see 9/14/05 - it has interesting knitting patterns which I find typical in japanese design, with an emphasis on structure and drape)
5. Maybe some nice yarn, something special that I wouldn't normally buy for myself, just for a cute little project. We could even go shopping and pick it out together, then maybe get coffee afterwards. It would be fun!

Still with me? Here's your reward -- student work from my BTS class. We did exquisite corpse stories, which I made the mistake of reading aloud in class... See, most of the kids struggle to put simple sentences together, but they have a staggeringly large vocabulary when it comes to sexual deviance. That's all I'm going to say about that.

This is the cleanest one I can share with you all:
This is the story of Mimi the little mouse, she was very fat, very very fat. One day she decided to make sporte. Stop the fat! She started with a bit of running, football, but a sport in room was her favorite one. She tryed but she was so fat.
She was not so fat, but she like eat sausages. She run all days with her dog. She like play bowling.
Bowling is difficult because the balls are heavy. She like too music, but she sing very bad.
She like a sexy music and manga music. She dance very bad too.
So you can offer to her a glass of wine and when she has got too drink you can propose to her to go in your bed.
So in the country where there are lot of children, it's because people drink a lot.

Have a good day, everyone!


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