Tuesday, March 21, 2006

washing day

There's one place to do the laundry in town. It's got three small washers, one large one, and one enormous dryer. I'm usually the only person there. As much as I plan to read or knit, I'm most often mesmerized by the colors of the clothes swirling around inside the machines. The building is located on the street of the school, between the classroom buildings and the center of town. I'll sit and watch the kids walk by, often dressed in uniforms (which they must do when working in the restaurant or doing service classes), waving to the ones I know.

There's two important things to point out: 1. It is SO expensive to wash clothes here. 3.50eur for a wash, 1.50eur for 10 minutes in the dryer. It's 12eur for the big washer. In the states, it's - what?- a dollar for a wash and a quarter for the dryer? I hope I don't get too many looks when return to those good ol' US laundries and start kissing the oversized washing machines.

2. Laundry is a really nice word. I love the au together, the complementary shapes of un and Ld, and y is always a sweet way to end.


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