Wednesday, April 19, 2006

goodbye, hello

Over the weekend, I spent time in Montbeliard and Belfort (the town nextdoor) with the whole group of english assistants. It was the last official get-together, as saturday night was the final night the whole group would be in town. We had lots of fun, of course. These are pictures from the beginning of the evening, while everything was still respectable.

And from the next day, when we reconvened (after catching the 5:30 train back to Montbeliard, sleeping for 5 hours, then dragging ourselves back to Belfort). The sunglasses inside isn't a fashion statement. Desipite the general state of affairs, we all enjoyed a big, lovely easter lunch-dinner and a rousing game of charades afterwards.

This weekend was also the first time I got to meet Catherine's boyfriend. They came down on tuesday, for one of the most gloriest days this year. We had a big brunch, with chevre and honey on toast, slivers of an apple tartlett, loads of coffee, and music off my iPod. After that, we took a walk in the hills. This was Catherine's boyfriend's first time in Europe, and his first time in a small village in France. Poligny really pulled out all the stops for his reception. Just after the end of our long walk, Catherine and I were splashing around in a shallow part of the creek, right next to the ancient tower that's still standing on the edge of town. We heard the voices and laughing of young children in a school group, then a cluster of four young nuns, their hands full of daffodils picked in the forest, walked by and sang "bonjour!' one at a time.

We walked around town, through the cemetary, sat at sidewalk table in the center of town and had a pastis. In the evening, we tried out the new restaurant in town (along with half of the other residents here) and popped open a few big bottles of beer. (Mike, the Trois Monts beer is rather good.)

Today, I had a proper line-in kind of lazy, vacation day. After walking the two down to the train station to send them back to Montbeliard, I returned home to doze, read, watch the sun rise, and eat yogurt. In the afternoon, I spent a good two hours at a sidewalk cafe, then read more in a big pasture full of camomile, overlooking the town and vineyards.

I really do love it here.


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