Wednesday, April 05, 2006

move along

Nothing much to report aside from:

1. Even here in this little slice of paradise, we have unpredictable spring weather. Yesterday, I took a ten mile walk and wore a t-shirt. Today, it rained and I wore my spring wool coat. Catherine told me that up in her area (about 2 hours north by train, and a slightly higher elevation) it's actually snowing. Shape it up, Spring. I expect more from you.

2. I'm currently battling a near-debilitating obsession with the friperie in my town. This place is an unbelieveable second hand store. It's big, well-lit, clean, totally organized, and DIRT cheap. I could buy an entire set of cute vintage plates, bowls and serving dishes for 20 euro. An adorable cabinet and self unit for 30. A full sized loom for 250.
I've bought a few things...and I kind of hate myself for it. Well, I will hate myself, when I pack and the day I have to move it all by myself across the Atlantic. After that, I will be my own best friend because oh my GOD this stuff is SO GOOD.

That's it. (Hello, underline! Where did you come from?) I'm off to a little party with some friends.


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