Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ring a ding

Spring is really, really nice. It's even better when it's an actual season, as opposed to a two-week thaw between winter and summer.

This used to be the bottom of the sea, I've been told time and time again.

On sunday, I joined the Houvilles and another family (I can't remember their last name, so I always call them Patrick's family) at Herrison, a local park. Well, park isn't really the best term. This is down in the lake region of the Jura (slightly south east of here) where far more of the land is undeveloped. There's no vines in this area, as the elevation is higher, so it's all dairy and lumber.

Herrison is a large system of waterfalls which have carved gorgeous ravines and caves along the way. It's big and natural...so, it's a park? You can pick a description for yourself.

We had a picnic lunch before our walk.

Patrick's little girls, I was happy to see, also like to sit quietly with fiddly crafts.

Then we were on our way.

Let me say that these pictures do not do justice to the sheer gloriousness of the day. It was bright, clear, and warm - I just wore a t-shirt. Being a sunday and one of the first beautiful days of spring, there were a good number of other visitors there. It wasn't instrusive, though - if anything, there was a nice feeling of sharing a pilgrimage to celebrate the beginning of the year.

The entire path was a series of large waterfalls, then a flat walk by the stream. Waterfall, stream. It was probably 2 or 3 miles long in total.

Do I even need to point out that this first waterfall is freaking enormous? Goodness. It was.

Then we went back to the Houvilles, where I watched a BBC show about King Cobras, then we had a nice little vegetable curry for dinner and a '99 Cote du Jura. There was a pretty sunset, too -- at 7 o'clock! I don't know what not to like about Spring.


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