Thursday, March 23, 2006

le sigh

Things aren't connecting well here chez pinsons. As usual, my post is photo-oriented and I just can't get anything to load. I either need to upload everything during the morning when nobody else is using the nextwork or become a better writer, so I won't need to rely on pictures.
...I expect things will be better tomorrow after my first class.

If you're really hard up for distractions, I recommend the Apartment Therapy apartment (surprise) contest. There are many gorgeous spaces there, but it's a little boring when so many look the same-- Ikea meets Dwell, la de dah. It would be nice to see something a bit warmer and cuter. Mostly cuter. As for my own thoughts on decorating, I recently had the idea to crochet little half-curtains...would you believe it - I actually found a little bakery here that has that on a side window. Not surprisingly, none of the apartments shown above have crocheted curtains.


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