Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oh hell, I'm feeling fashiony today. I won't pretend otherwise.

First, I was both happy and heartbroken to find my most-favorite-ever shoes by Marc (ahem) Jacobs on the Nordstrom website. I had seen these in a french Vogue my first month here and even cut it out to save. Of course, they're also $300 and a size too small.

I'd probably wear this dress with it, found in the Toast catalogue which arrived today.

Speaking of the french Vogue, I know that you probably don't ever read it, but I do. I never pick up the American one, but, dare I say, the french version is actually quite good. They have listings of interesting art events, reviews of whatever british pop band is going to be popular next month, a good clothes. The last few months were pretty boring, but there is a spread in the April issue by Patrick Demarchelier that totally blew me in, that spread alone made my subscription worthwhile.

It's funny, because the last weekend I spent in Montbeliard, Catherine asked me to take some pictures of her wearing a new (totally fake) Fendi dress that she got off ebay. I went at it with gusto and immediately whipped up this fantasy of being the next big fashion photographer.

It didn't go far, of course. First, Catherine wasn't into my idea of being made to look like a hostage (a fabulous hostage), then didn't quite 'get' the idea of staging a large scale roadside auto accident (everyone in couture, of course). But look! Maybe my ideas weren't that crazy:

And last, I've noticed a bit of a trend:

These are actually from different brands. I'll take the flats, please.


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