Friday, March 24, 2006

country roads

It's been a while since I've done my all-day walks. On monday, the weather was nice enough and I thought it would be good to enjoy it while I could (good thing I did, as it's been drizzling all week)

This walk was around 8 - 9 miles. That's a solid five hours of walking. I went up the cliff so I could walk on the plateau. The towns and villages around here, while small, are all connected with a small highway and don't feel very isolated. Up on the plateau, it's completely different. The villages are tiny, accessible via one-lane roads. The land stretches out all around. It's rather remote.
This is one of the reasons I like it here most. During my whole day, I saw a half dozen cars and the same number of tractors. Other than that, it was me and the birds. And a humongous hare which I scared up alongside the road. There's a very strong sense of freedom in this isolation.

On the way back through the forest, I noticed that the dampest, mossiest areas are now carpeted with little white flowers. It's so damn pretty.


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