Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Au revoir, Kelly!

Here it is, my last post from France. Incidentally, I'm writing this (very slowly) from the computer in the teacher's computer lab at school, as my connection isn't working today. I've been packing intensively over the last three days, amazed at the staggering amount of stuff I have. So far, I have two large suitcases (one of which surely exceeds the weight limit of 50 pounds andwill cost (cough) EIGHTY DOLLARS in overage fees...), two boxes and a poster tube which need to be mailed (and will also probably exceed 80 dollars in shipping costs). I haven't yet packed my backpack. Looking at everything that I'm going to carry through Paris makes me want to cry, but I can only blame myself for this mess.

Tomorrow, I'm taking the train to Paris, where I'll spend the rest of th day with Catherine and her boyfriend. Friday morning, I head to Charles deGaulle airport and fly back home. It feels very strange that this year is already over. Needless to say, I will miss this place very, very much.

Thanks for taking the time to read everything I've written this year. In fact, this is the first time I've consistently kept any sort of diary for so long - I guess what I was missing before was an audience. I don't really plan to keep writing, since this was created to document my year in France... but who knows - maybe the need will strike me in the future. Oh, also? I never asked permission to put anyone's picture up on this site, so we'll just keep it as our little secret, got it? ....I SAID, got it?

I guess that's it for me. See you in the States!


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