Tuesday, May 02, 2006

what packing?

Yesterday afternoon, Pauline and Bernard took me to a outdoor museum with traditional country homes of the Franche-Comte. They went around the region (mostly the Doubs, but anyway...), finding derelict houses, disassembling them, the reassembling and restoring them at this museum. If you think that I found this boring or unappealing, you've clearly never met me. I was raised on visiting Reconstructed and Historically Significant (RaHS) sites, and if you're like me (looking at you, bri), you knowing the interent appeal of seeing a roped-off room full of antique furniture.
This place was plently pluse-quickening, complete with the smell of dust and smoky wood that, I've discovered, is the same as ALL RaHS buildings.

This place had it all, small rooms dominated by thick beams:

Well-restored shingles:

Ye olde laundry drying:

an old-timey classroom (always my favorite):

Afterwards, I went home with them and helped Pauline make dinner. One of the things we ate were local potatoes deep-fried in duck fat. If you're not jealous of me, you're a damn fool. I actually had a dream last night wherein I ate more of those potatoes.


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