Tuesday, November 29, 2005


These are the things I got for myself:

a poster, which goes perfectly with all of the other red in my room, and looks like the opening credits of a Hitchcock movie.

and a little charm. It's popular to hang a charm from the zipper of your bag. I picked this one up at the store Madame Andre. It's a chic store. It's got elephantitis of the chic. The charm was designed by the graffiti artist Andre; the store is run by his wife.

I had meant to, of course, pick up a few Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, the stores were either way too crowded to shop (on Saturday) or closed (on Sunday and Monday). There was one store that I knew was supposed to be open on Monday - incidentally, it was the place with the most things I could get for people. We went 10 minutes before it opened, then walked around the block to waste time. We came back right at 11, and saw a guy (who presumably worked there) standing with the door open, smoking a cigarette. We didn't want to annoy him, so we went to check out another (closed) store. When we returned, a half hour later, everything was closed and dark inside the first store again. I guess he didn't feel like working that day.

This happens more than I ever imagined it would.


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