Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I'm in a grumpy mood right now because of my money situation. It's a combination of things --
  1. my own frivolity;
  2. the fact that checks are cashed and debits are processed very slowly, leading to me thinking that I had more money than I did (like, thanks for cashing my large security deposit 6 weeks later);
  3. still not having been paid for the month;
  4. overall general angst, such as...
  • setting my alarm incorrectly for this morning,
  • having no students show up at my 8 AM class again,
  • hearing nothing from the mayor's office about my residency card,
  • the generally shitty salary that they give us here,
  • the extremely high cost of living even in the middle of nowhere,
  • etc.
I know things will work out, and I'm planning on seeing the people at the mayor's office (about the card) and the secretary at school (about my salary), but it's all coming at once, so I'm in a crappy mood.

Don't worry, I'll still put up pictures of my (very inexpensive, but still too expensive for me) trip to Paris.


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