Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So where were we?

Ah, yes! I left you with this:



Really, its a pleasant walk, but you inevitably get a bit sweaty. Here's the view from the top. Note: no guard rails! I guess the attitude is, "You KNOW it's dangerous, right?" I don't care if you aren't afraid of heights -- if you were born to hang over dangerous ledges -- this will still make you a bit nervous.

I took this picture by sticking my arm out as far as I could, while still leaning back, because boy howdy, it's pretty far down.

As I headed back into town, the sun was overhead and the ice was all melted. Just look a this curious thing I found!

A gate, in the middle of the woods!

And if you look past the gate, you can see that there's clearly a path leading somewhere.

Unfortunately, I had a meeting to keep, so I couldn't go explore, even though it KILLED ME just to leave that.

The path back into town takes you along the old town wall. These are the old little...uh, guard houses, maybe?

It's old, though, and that's what matters. Today, I found out that there was originally a chateau up at Trou de Lune -- just at the base of the rock face, I believe. That was the little castle in town, which the walls connected to. Does this make sense? I'll try to find a map of the old tow walls. Most of them are still here, too! Old! Neat!

I really wish I knew what's past that red gate.


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