Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the way back machine

They're doing a special on a group of French kids who do coordinated turntable concerts. Excuse me, but I don't believe they've yet given any credit to the Invisible Scratch Piklz. But maybe because I don't know the word for Invisible or Pickles. I am guessing that they're the same as English, but with a French accent. That's gotten me pretty far.

Break dancing is HUGE here. There is a break dancing show on MTV. They sell break dancing competetion DVDs. Too bad they don't have any footage of my brother and I spinning on our butts in the living room when we were 7 and 5, respectively, becuase we thought that was pretty bitchin break dancing.

Have you been hearing the new single off Madonna's album, called "Hung Up?" Because OH MY GOD, I hear it at least three times every day. I'm just curious if America is subjected to the same catchy, catchy torture.

I just found out that Woody Allen's new film, Match Point hasn't been released in the US. It's been here for at least a month.

During my long lunch break today, I went out to get a little exercise. It's all snowly and cloudy today, but I took a slightly longer route that I hadn't walked in several weeks. I just so happened to take pictures of the last time, so here they are:

Wow, these pictures were taken a long time ago. Apparently, it was a beautiful day.

People in the small villages are given a small area in the town's forests. Each person has responsibility to keep it somewhat clean and free of felled trees. As a benefit, they get to cut down trees to use for their wood burning stoves. Plenty of people rely on their stoves as the only source of (free) heat in the winter. This, below, was the largest wood pile I had seen. Smaller ones are common, as people have to leave them to dry for a year or two.

I'm standing on my toes and stretching my arm as high as I can. It's big for real.

My destination: about 6 miles away from Poligny.

Now that I'm putting these up, I remember this as the day that I got to St. Lothain and had to pee really badly. It took me almost an hour and a half to get here. The town has, maybe, three businesses. It was Sunday, so everything was closed, anyway.
I was at a point of desperation, even trying to figure out how I would ask, "Can I use your bathroom? It's an emergency."
I ended up peeing in the woods. Country livin, folks. Country livin.

Oh yeah, this was also when all of the grape vines turned golden. It creeped up slowly, but then for three or four days, the hills were carpeted in gold.

Look, there's little Poligny in the distance!

While putting up these pictures, I found even more old ones. Score. You really don't want to hear about how I spent my evenings knitting and watching Bob le Bricoleur anyway. Trust me.


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