Thursday, December 08, 2005

crossed-eye view

I'm a bit distracted and excited now for people back in Chicago. First, Mike and Kate not only sat in the first row of a charity performance by Jeff Tweedy, they are also part of a group that won an auction for a private concert with him. Yes, they all payed dearly (somewhere along the linges of "eternal damnation"), but The Tweeds is performing in someone's house, for a group of 30 people...including them.

Second, I looked at a Chicago-centric website today (the first time in a long time). I saw a reference to the subject of Jim's film project, and that there will be a documentary on him. While Jim wasn't mentioned by name, the website did provide the proper links to Chicago 360 et al. That's pretty exciting! Because he's my boyfriend! And this is something cool for him!

Ok.... I've got plenty to do, as my apartment is disgusting, and I have a girl coming over for dinner tonight. Last night, I went to another teacher's house for dinner, and it was absolutely lovely and fun. Another English teacher joined us, along with a French teacher and a cooking teacher. I could sort of hold my own in the conversation and understood nearly everything...well, until I got tired, and the others started on the degustation (after-dinner liquor. For digestion!)

Here's a view of Poligny (yes, all of it) from atop the Croix du Dan.

From the west, with the industrial park:

The center:

To the east:

C'est tout!

Check out those rocks, yo! Can't you just hear the rumbling of them jutting up from the ground? My dad told me recently that the Jurassic period was named after this very Jura right here. It's easy to get a sense of how old the landscape it, too. There's a seemingly endless supply of small fossils scattered around.

Here's a few closeups of...

The centre-ville:

My school (which, yes, is under construction):

Shopi on the left, and my awesome apartment building on the right:

And off in the distance, to the North, you can see little Buvilly. It's a 45 minute walk there, and what a pleasant way to spend 45 minutes:


At 8:37 PM, Anonymous jim said...

tweeds looks very cold and hungry in that second picture you've linked. mike, kate, and the other 28 people need to get him some soup or something...maybe a cot, too.

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous jim said...

pardon me, third picture.

At 9:50 PM, Anonymous kate said...

i'll get the cot....


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