Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Remember that guy from Amelie who was the mean grocer? And on whom some spritely practical joke was played? He's in a movie on TV right now. What's he doing there?

Very, very little is going on around here. Yesterday is rained all day. Today, I went for a walk in the afternoon, it rained again, the snowed, then rained, and finally I went to my one class of the day.

I have spent a lot of time knitting. However, one can only knit the leg part of a sock for so long before feeling crazy. So, I poked around a little and found this cute sweater from Anthropologie and, shockingly, some navy blue yarn just waiting to be made into something. I made a tiny sweater to figure out the construction.

I'm glad I did this, too, because I figured out a few important differences -- the overlap of the cardigan needs to be larger, the top has raglan sleeves. Boring things like that, which most likely mean nothing to you. Most importantly, I get to show off one of my new turtle buttons.

These are going on another (theoretical) sweater, but I'm excited just knowing that they're around.

Tomorrow, I teach 5 classes (normally 4, but, yet again, a teacher has "asked" me to come in for an extra one). I've got to get into school by 8 in order to print out a whole bunch of copies of the lyrics for "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer." I'd copy the picture book my parents sent me, but I haven't been given a code for the photocopy machine yet. Every time I go in and ask for it, the secretary always says, "Just let me copy it for you." Not frustrating at all.

In the evening, I'm going over to an English teacher's house for dinner. I've been told that we'll have tarteflette. Again. My heart is starting to hurt, just thinking of it. I guess I'll be having a can of green beans for lunch.... That's entirely out of laziness, to be honest. Also because I'm kind of hooked on the taste of canned green beans right now.

Remember what I said at the beginning about nothing is going on here? Yeah.


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