Thursday, December 01, 2005

Me and Froggy C.

I know I love school more than most people, and I do really get a big kick out of teaching, but I don't love either one that much, as to go into school at 9 this morning, just to find out that there wasn't any class today. I'm not sure why. All I know is that I got to the room at 8:58, to find the door locked, with a bunch of students standing outside. A few minutes after 9, another teacher came by, opened another classroom, and those kids filed in. I was left alone, still standing by a locked door, with no sign of students or teacher.

I, of course, double-checked the class time and room number, since I often make stupid mistakes like that. Then, I knocked and pulled on the handle, many many times, for the sake of looking like a crazy person trying to break down the door. I went to check out the language teachers lounge - she wasn't there. So, I decided to return for Round 2 of Looking Crazy at a Locked Door. I gave up, came home, and made coffee. This is so much nicer! Why did I even try to get into class in the first place?

I'm going to an extra class with this teacher later this afternoon anyway, so I guess I'll get an explanation then.

This is a mural painted on a youth rec center just outside of Chamole. I scaled the ridge (past the Trou de Lune, walked through some trees, and came upon this. I love it! It's all pictures from Chamole, and considering how small the town is (probably less than 100 inhabitants), I was able to recognize most things after only three visits.

Unfortunately, I must have missed the giant frog and his friend in red hotpants chilling on the corner.

There's a girl who is a cooking student - not in any of my classes - who I see once a week to practice conversation. I have to admit, it makes me feel pretty good because my French is much better than her English. Anyway, she's having me over for dinner tonight! I think next week, I'll offer the same. It's really hard to cook in my kitchen, but at least I know I can crank out a good butternut squash soup.


At 4:36 PM, Anonymous jim said...

...i also enjoy, to the left of the frog-man, the man who is flirting with the woman, who has been kicked in the groin and had both her legs broken, while her good-for-nothing guardian angel is just standing behind them watching.


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