Friday, December 30, 2005

fashionable gorilla

The first week aside, I suppose this is the most "homesick" I've felt since coming abroad. It's not terrible, though, probably because I've only been here for three months and that I still don't want to leave. Having my family here for Christmas was wonderful, but it felt strange having them leave to go home and staying here. Also, watching I Am Trying to Break Your Heart makes me miss Chicago.
My brother took the train to Paris this morning. After having people around (speaking english!) for the last two weeks, I'm not quite sure what to do with my time. I have to do laundry, but want to finish my coffee first. I'd like to take a walk, but it's unbelieveably cold outside. Whine whine whine. My bet is that I'll put on the bonus disc of IATTBYH
and knit some more.

Speaking of which, look what I finished up last night:

Brian asked me to make him a scarf for Christmas. The yarn I ordered for it arrived last Monday and I've been working on it since. It's still drying, unfortunately, so he couldn't take his NEW, CUSTOM-KNIT scarf home with him.

It's freaking huge. Check out how much bigger it is than the bed. Granted, my brother is also a rather tall lad, so I think it should be a good fit.

Also, bri? Enjoy this -- I don't know if I could ever stand to knit you a sweater, considering your arms alone are at least 10 feet long. Sorry.

I've got a couple of other projects I'm tinking away on, but don't want to pick up now (sock needles are too small, I need to get a measuring tape before I keep working on my sweater, etc.) so I'm starting on a new scarf. An elephant trunk-warmer, to be more accurate.


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