Saturday, December 17, 2005

Now let's see...what shall I do with all of my free, unplanned time today....

Oh, I know. I think I'll freak the hell out because my family is coming, HERE, tomorrow. I've been working away at the planning and preparation for week now, but, well...that doesn't mean shit now.

Especially because it's only NOW that I'm realizing certain things, like:

1. I only have two plates, bowls, forks, spoons, etc. There's four people in my family! I actually had a dream last night where I found two extra of everything under my bed, and I was SO happy because that meant I didn't have to buy more things. Pathetic, huh?

2. Presents ought to be wrapped.

3. "Clean" for me means "I can tolerate the filth I see every day." I'd rather not horrify my family with the shower curtain that I choose to ignore every morning.

4. Those little issues with the boarding situation, the ones I had hoped would be worked out, aren't. Meaning, a few weeks ago, one of my temporary roommates took two chairs from the kitchen to another apartment in my building. Every so often, in the last few weeks, I'd gather my courage and knock on a few doors, looking for my chairs. I can only hope they're in a better place now. Also, I was told that the key for the second room in my suite would be dropped off on Friday (because they had to wash the room), but it wasn't. That means that my brother will be sleeping on the air mattress and I'll be sleeping on the floor, just until we can get to the Houville's to borrow another mattress. The other problem with this is I was relying on the chair inside the other bedroom for the fourth chair, so, you know, the whole family could sit at the table together for a meal.

5. Rug, washcloths, sheets, towels -- these things should be laundered now and then (see #3).

So, I'm feeling a bit under the gun right now. It doesn't make it much better that it's been raining all week, so I haven't been able to go out for a walk since tuesday. There wasn't any time for it, anyway, as I worked 6 extra classes this week --- which, by the way, put me at the same number of hours as the regular teachers here.

But on the bright side? I got another phone, AND I paid 30 euro less for it.

Now, here is a picture unrelated to this post, but I am including simply to make it more interesting.


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