Monday, December 12, 2005

I bet a hand-knitted hood would be SO charming

Another little jaunt out of town this weekend. I spent Saturday in Poligny, doing normal weekend things: laundry, cleaning my living quarters, taking a nice long walk, going to the Christmas Market in town, drinking hot beer...

I saw the Harry Potter movie, too. I enjoyed it, as much as I could. Usually, when I see movies, I try really hard to follow, but halfway through my brain is overloaded and tired, so I just figure things out by watching the pictures.

On sunday, I got up totally early (7!) for a train up to Besancon, then another to Montbeliard.
It was frosty. Another woman waiting for the train even said, "It's a rather white morning, isn't it?" I assume she was speaking of the frost, but perhaps it's some secret greeting for the white supremicists in town.

blowing this popsicle stand.


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