Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ho ho no

I think we're under attack from an army of small Santas.


In other news...
1. Continuing to sing "The Twelve Days of Christmas." I've done it so many times by myself that I'm actually starting to think that I'm not half bad as a singer. This is the first sign of danger.

2. Didn't get a phone, again. Even though I underwent light torture last Friday night, as the guy mumbled to me that the phones were sold out and would arrive on Wednesday, they did NOT arrive on Wednesday. I was planning on taking the train after my last class to the larger town nearby, but the train wouldn't get there until 7. That's definitely late for a gamble, especially since the last train back to Poligny left 45 minutes later. Not worth the risk.
New plan is to go tomorrow after class, as I am finished earlier in the day, and there are more trains to Lons and back.

3. One of the Houville boys just moved into Poligny. He stopped by my apartment, and we had dinner over at his very large (but very cold) apartment. Yeah, who's got friends NOW?

4. Oh, and I went to the Christmas party for the school last night. I had imagined something similar to an event my high school held for the honors English classes, called "British Christmas." We cooked traditional Christmas foods (I brought a roast duck one year!), and had assorted geeky activities, like skits based on the books we'd read in class, a group performing a traditional British period dance, etc. I was in charge of all of the decorations my senior year -- I chose maroon and gold as the color combination. It was a dorkfest of the highest order, to be sure. And MY GOD, I loved it. In fact, I still do love it. In fact, that might be fun to do when I'm a teacher in a high school myself.
Anyway, ahem, this christmas party was not similar at all. No decorations! No foie gras! No buche de noel! It was a couple of crappy bands made up of high school kids, a (admittedly pretty mind-blowing) demonstration from the french boxing group, and a final performance from a "professional" group that did mostly Nirvana covers. These kids went WILD. And I felt OLD. I went because...well, why not go? It was worth it, as a bunch of my BTS kids were emceeing the show, which led to multiple shout-outs for being the American in the house. I still felt damn old, though.

5. Isn't this a nice color combination?

It's my sweater, shirt cuff, watch band.


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